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Joel Hoekstra



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“the seven-piece band accompanying Richardson truly rocks!Ê Lead guitarist, Joel Hoekstra, blasts the roof off the building...”
--Eugene Lovendusky, broadwayworld.com

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“She is supported by a first class band, especially Joel Hoekstra on lead guitar. His tone, phrasing, dynamic range, articulation and total feel for the music are completely mindblowing.”
-Clifton Lemon, SF Station

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“A first-rate band -- led by pyrotechnic lead guitarist Joel Hoekstra -- performs with the take-no-prisoners intensity of Big Brother at its best.”
-Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

“The whole group was tight and together, but Joel Hoekstra on lead guitar was especially electrifying...”
-Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star

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“Joel Hoekstra, the band leader is a fucking badass lead guitarist.”

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“Band leader and lead guitarist Joel Hoekstra is a rock virtuoso.”
-Judy Richter, Aisle Say

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“...flawlessly pounded out by a live band led by lead guitarist Joel Hoekstra”
-Robert Avila, San Francisco Bay Guardian

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“The incredible seven-piece band is led by wild and combustible lead guitarist Joel Hoekstra, who rips up the stage with Andrew's arrangements.”
-Richard Connema, talkinbroadway.com

“The third star is the band....especially guitar-thrashing Joel Hoekstra.”
-Tony Brown, The Plain Dealer

“It's given vivid context by a band fronted by two extraordinary guitarists, Joel Hoekstra and Eric Massimino....conjuring a sheer rebellious joy in noise and music.”
-Rick Pender, Cincinnati City Beat

“What also works is the onstage band, led by lead guitarist Joel Hoekstra”
--Dana Norton, Leo Weekly

“On stage with them are a host of excellent musicians......the incredible guitar duo of Joel Hoekstra and Joshua Kessler both bring down the house with their effortless, enthusiastic and powerful solos.”
--Richard Gleaves, Aisle Say New York

“The musicians kick the songs out with such rambunctious spirit that there's great freshness to the event. Real sharp guitar work by Joel Hoekstra.”
--Michael Sommers, HOUSTON CHRONICLE

"The band is first rate and includes an incredible Joel Hoekstra on lead guitar."
--Annette Hinkle, The Sag Harbor Express

“Joel Hoekstra (Guitar) is hot. In one number he gets down on his knees in front of Janis Joplin and actually picks the strings with his teeth as she gyrates in his face. Amazing!”
-Lee Hartgrave, Buzzin

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“Musically, this was no sanitized Broadway house band interpretation of the San Francisco sound. The seven-piece band, led by the fine young guitarist Joel Hoekstra, had been schooled in Joplin's psychedelic blues...”
-Paul Liberatore, Marin Independent Journal