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Joel Hoekstra


It Ain't Nothin But the Blues

"a fired up cast of singers and musicians....roaring guitar solos by Joel Hoekstra."
-Misha Berson, The Seattle Times

"Drop-dead singers, backed by a drop-dead band......The band was tight and featured amazing guitar by Joel Hoekstra."
-Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star

"Special kudos to the onstage band, especially guitar artist Joel Hoekstra."
-David Edward Hughes, talkinbroadway.com

"The singers are backed by a scalding hot band, so scalding that the audience remained standing until the musicians the last note of exit music. In nearly 30 years of covering Valley theater, that's the first time this critic has seen that happen."
-Kyle Lawson, The Arizona Republic

"This is not your prototypical backup band. Guitarist, Joel Hoekstra has the chops to cover any style."
-Frank Siraguso, Kansas City infoZine